Servers Alive v8

New - Updated

  • Twitter alert is now ready for the future and is based on v1.1 of the Twitter API
  • Experimental support NTLMv2 authentication for HTTP/HTTPS checks added
  • Within the HTML template based output you can use the saif clause outside of sa_report part. New vars that have been introduced are sa_nr_up,sa_nr_down,sa_nr_maintenance,sa_nr_unchecked,sa_nr_unavailable and sa_nr_entries. They all give the total value based on Servers Alive not based on the entries that are part of the specific HTML output page.
  • Within the alerts you can use the %o (letter o) parameter, this will give you a description of the actual check that is done.
  • MS SQL checking is now SMO based and will only work with recent version like SQL 2005/2008)2012/2014. Check needs the SMO client objects from the SQL Server 2014 PowerPack. Both the ENU\x86\SharedManagementObjects.msi and the ENU\x86\SQLSysClrTypes.msi files need to be installed
  • VMWare VM checking added. In order to work correctly you need to install the PowerCLI 6.0 from VMWare. (ENTERPRISE edition of Servers Alive only)
  • VMWare alerting added (stop/start VM)
  • Hyper-V VM checking added.
  • Hyper-V alerting added. (stop/start VM)
  • PING check can now work with frames upto 2048 bytes and we can set the DON'T FRAGMENT bit (Do take in account that a none-fragmented frame can never be larger then the MTU that is defined on the NIC - that is NOT a Servers Alive limit!)
  • Support for sending SMTP mail via local ( mailserver added.
  • The EXTERNAL (ERRORLEVEL) checking type can now include in the output the content that is send to STDOUT by the app that is used for the external check.
  • SLACK alert added
  • TLS1.2 support was added to the HTTPS checks
  • New tag for the HTML templates, ‹sa_entriesfile› -> this will give you the path+name of the entriesfile that is being used.
  • The EXECUTIVE ALERT can now include the DOWN and MAINTENANCE entries
  • The SSH command to execute as alert can now use a KEYFILE (RSA or DSA)for the authentication
  • For both the primary and the alternate SMTP configuration you can set the SSL Start Mode. When setting it to IMPLICIT the SSL negotiation will start immediatly after the connection is established. When setting it to EXPLICIT, the connection will first be in plaintest and then explicitly start SSL negotiation through a protocol command such as STARTTLS.
  • The ERRORLEVEL check can now include two rules so you can check for more precise errorlevels.
  • For the SERVICE and PROCESS check you can now select how the authentication (if needed) is done. You can use IPC$ or Impresonation. When you select DEFAULT as authentication then the type of authentication will depend on UseimpersonateForProcessChecks (for process checks) and UseimpersonateForServiceChecks (for service checks)
  • Support for SNI based HTTPS sites added.
  • Several smallish changes in the GUI
  • Several smallish changes in the build-in webserver and templating system, and this in order to speed-up the working and to make it more stable (better support for the IE webbrowser)


  • All known bugs were fixed

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