Servers Alive gives the administrator POWER. Servers Alive empowers the system administrator to have the maximum knowledge of system status. How does the application provide this power? A few of the most significant methods are provided below.

SNMP Power

By using SNMP, Servers Alive is able to provide data on any device in the network that can provide reports via SNMP v1, v2, or v3. Servers Alive depends heavily on the inclusion of device-specific MIBs, and strictly uses these files to communicate with your network devices. If a MIB provides a facility to check a very unique proprietary element of a product in your network, be assured that Servers Alive will provide you the same awareness.

Cross-Server Dependencies

Different servers have different jobs. Data that one machine serves to the network is often depended upon by many other clients and servers. As the system administrator, you know that. But how many network and server monitoring tools allow you to pass that knowledge on to the software?
Servers Alive provides the capability to define dependencies within your monitoring scheme. With the simple but extremely useful “Depends On” function, you can make one system check dependent on another.


Is there a service that you would like checked that does not natively exist in Servers Alive? No problem.
Servers Alive provides COM based interfaces to create your own custom checks on your servers. For instance, if you would like to monitor disk space on your UNIX servers, a COM interface exists that will open an encrypted SSH session to a server, issue the “df’ command, and provide the output of the command for you use in defining alerting actions.
Would you like to see a consistent monitor of the number of rows that exist in a particular table on your mySQL database server? Again, not a problem with Servers Alive! A COM interface exists that allows you send a SQL query to any database on your networked mySQL server.
These are only a couple of the many external checks that Servers Alive can be extended with.

No Secrets

We believe in empowering our users. That is why we have exhaustive documentation on Servers Alive available with the product download and on our website.
How many vendors tell you which registry keys to edit to customize your installation of their product? We do, because we want every user to have the power to make Servers Alive their own.
Also provided in this documentation is an easy to learn set of custom HTML tags that you can use to immediately and swiftly begin creating customized status reports for your environment.
Support and guidance throughout your installation is also provided by our dedicated technical staff.

All of these features come with a very reasonable price tag. So, be aware, empowered, and proactive. Use Servers Alive to monitor the health of your critical information services. Choose Servers Alive to save time and money.

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"We DON'T like our customers telling us that their server is down. [With Servers Alive] an SMS message on the mobile tells us exactly what is wrong, and it's fixed in minutes. Before, if a server went down Friday night we would find out from the customer on Monday morning!!!

You have a brilliant product. Keep up the good work."

Matt Esse
Omniserve Pty Ltd