It is 2:00AM . . . do you know if your servers are alive? Business continuity is at the heart of every organizationís IT strategy. This is true whether the organization is a small business or a large company with branches throughout the globe. When your servers go down, what is the impact on your organization? Is time lost? Is money lost? Both?

A key to mitigating or even avoiding the damage from server emergencies is the ability to monitor servers remotely. Early notification = rapid and effective response. Servers Alive is your key to affecting a rapid response.

Servers Alive is the best choice for high performance server monitoring. Here are a few reasons why:
Cross-Platform Monitoring
Data Validity Checks
Flexible Interface

But the most significant reason to choose Servers Alive is POWER

Cross-Platform Monitoring

What operating systems are in your datacenter? Windows? Linux? A remote website? A mix of multiple platforms? It doesnít matter to Servers Alive. Support for all of these operating systems and more is included with Servers Alive.

Data Validity Checks

Itís great to know that a server is up and running. But what about the content of the server? Or the accuracy of the data it is providing? Hundreds or even thousands of computers could be relying on just a couple of DNS servers in your environment. Servers Alive can help, by checking both the content and status of services like DNS and HTTP and features of protocols including TCP and UDP.

Flexible Interface

Servers Alive is not a simple paging program. There are many monitoring programs on the market that will page an administrator when a machine goes down. Servers Alive can page and administrator as well, but can also send an SMS (text) message to a phone, post an instant message, or update a webpage with system status.
Beyond simple alerting, Servers Alive also allows the administrator to initiate or program actions to resolve system problems remotely.

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If you're a business owner or manager, you know that network outages can affect your income, brand integrity, and bottom line. Here's a non-technical description of how Servers Alive can monitor your network and alert your IT staff when there's a problem.

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