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How does a Remote Agent work?

In order to use the Remote Agent, you should have Servers Alive Evaluation or Enterprise version already installed and running. Note that the Standard version will not work with Remote Agents.
The Remote Agent will enable you to monitor remote system while keeping your data secure. The strength of the Remote Agent solution is its ability to provide an encrypted, secure, and IT-managed connection.
With this smart tool your connection stays protected while using Servers Alive features.

Check types the Remote Agent can perform:

  • Monitor the available disk space on a remote machine (Windows & *nix)
  • Check if a Windows Service is running
  • Check if a Windows/*nix process is running
  • CPU usage check (*nix)
  • Memory/RAM usage check (*nix)
  • Swap usage usage check (*nix)
  • URL check
  • TCP check (Windows)
  • Ping
  • Check the validity of a HTTPS certificate
  • SNMP (*nix)

A basic diagram illustrating the work of the Remote Agent is found below

Remote Agetn work

Remote Agent Installation

The Woodstone *nix/bsd agent is provided in a pre-compiled binary version for some operating systems, and a source code version so you can recompile if required.
For more information about the Linux/BSD/Unix Remote Agent installation and download, visit this link
If you want to download Windows version, use this link (to use in combination with Servers Alive v9). To install the Windows Remote Agent simply follow the Installation Wizard steps.

If you don't have Servers Alive v9, please upgrade your version

Upgrade instructions. This document will explain how to upgrade your Servers Alive version to the latest Servers Alive version.

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